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Pandora's about to belong to your New Year together with you

Just understand this brand when Pandora feel the bracelet hand rattled string Bling Bling look really very likeable, beauty not each have their own moral, can the be fond of according to oneself, optional collocation, record important moment in life, set with a bunch of belongs to own nothing in the memory. Every single product is very cute and delicate, classic.

Already in 2022, they put the year of the tiger this new style of string type, carved in the 3 d image of the tiger, clear enamel stripes, the back of the eye with pink glass arranged in a particular mode, formed a special design, forehead engraved with Chinese character "wang", is the symbol of justice, bravery and majesty.

Recruit the mythical wild animal string type: the myth of the mythical wild animal - pantomime horse biological leading flying with tap, and the body of claw to hold COINS, the eye is the ornament of artificial ruby, in addition to ward off bad luck, some people see the mythical wild animal as lucky, because of the mythical wild animal only mouth no excretion organs; Which means not only that it is corresponding to the type of people, the designer on the coin engraved with "wealth" hope to bring good luck money...

Phoenix pendant style: phoenix is the ancient Chinese legend of the most famous lucky bird, two eyes with blue enamel, wings are three layers of design, one side feathers with color of artificial gems, another side engraved with texture details and love hearts, pendant on also close with the precious stones, very elegant just embodies the noble conduct and happiness.

Every one, Pandora jewelry is a global manufacturing center in Thailand, manual, the master's hand grinding technology, exquisite workmanship, wear very simple sense.

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