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Pandora "It's A Boy" Teddy Bear Charm, Blue Enamel

Pandora "It's A Boy" Teddy Bear Charm, Blue Enamel
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Pandora "It's A Boy" Teddy Bear Charm, Blue Enamel
Celebrate the arrival of a baby boy with this adorable teddy bear charm. Crafted from sterling silver, it's lovingly detailed, with a sweet blue enamel bow to remind you of the newest addition to your family wherever you go.
applyPandora Moments Collection Bracelet
TopicsOccasions worth celebrating
The product typestring ornament
metal925 silver
sizeLength (depth): 9.2 mm

Height: 11.6 mm

Width: 9.5 mm

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PANDORA, Denmark English PANDORA jewelry brand. [1] due to its star product Moments bracelet with string act the role of freedom for women remember important moment, thus make PANDORA PANDORA jewelry for women from all over the world the love of consumers. PANDORA jewelry PANDORA began in 1982, by a Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and finds his wife founded in Copenhagen, Denmark. [1], the PANDORA into fast development, by a local jewelry store Denmark developed into one of world famous brands, inspired women show their personality and stories from around the world.

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